About Research at MLACW

Research culture on campus has been promoted by encouraging teachers and students to undertake research. A Research Committee has been formed to oversee and provide impetus to research activity in the institution. The Bangalore University has accorded recognition to the institution for establishing research centres and offering Ph.D. programmes in Biotechnology, Kannada and Commerce. In-house research projects in specific areas and inter-disciplinary research is undertaken by students and teachers. Ample opportunities are made available to students and teachers for participating in seminars, conferences and workshops.Facilities such as lab equipment, journals, incentives and sabbatical leave are also provided. Substantial research grants for projects have been received by the institution and 2 major research projects and 15 minor research projects funded by UGC have been undertaken and completed by teachers. Currently there are 17 on-going UGC minor research projects. Grants have also been received for student research projects under the BSR and Star College scheme.