The Department of Biotechnology was established in the 2002 and offerscourses at undergraduate and post graduate levels in biotechnology.  Theobjective of the department is to infuse scientific temper, ignite the youngminds and add a flavour of excitement to science learning. The department ischaracterized by outstanding academic and co-curricular achievements of thestudents, high quality research work and research publication in journals andpresentation in international and national level conferences/symposia.


Achievements of the Department:

· Selectedby Govt. of Karnataka as one among the 12 Biotechnology finishing schools inKarnataka, INDIA

· Upgraded Star college statussupported by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India,


·Bioinformatics Infrastructure facility (BIF) supported by Department ofBiotechnology, Govt. of India

· Research centre recognized bythe Bangalore university


·FIST program supported by DST,Govt. of India

· UGC sponsored Add On coursesin bioinformatics, molecular techniques, and medical lab