Counselling Centre

The counselling centre has been established to offer counselling services to students and staff. With the increasing complexity of life and the breakdown of the joint family system,the youth has been experiencing tremendous emotional disturbances. This has affected their social behaviors and also their academic performance. A qualified counselor manages this centre to address relevant issues of staff and students and enables them to deal effectively with the pressures and complexities of daily life. The objectives of the counselling centre are:

  • ·           To facilitate students deal with emotional problems.

  • ·           To provide opportunities for expressing themselves freely.

  • ·           To help students manage peer pressure.

  • ·           To equip students with skills to manage challenges.

  • ·           To develop self-confidence and sense of self-worth.

  • ·           To make available adequate avenues for self-expression.

  • ·           To help create and maintain good inter-personal relationships.

  • ·           To enable students establish healthy work life balance.

  • ·           To facilitate students to function in a proactive environment.