AKANKSHA Presents- ENVISION 2018, February 19th & 20th

The luminous community “AKANKSHA” Students’ Association was formed in the year 2005 with endeavours to develop competence through versatile activities. It is a platform for students to develop their skills in management, leadership, communication, negotiation, time management and team building. ENVISION Inter Collegiate Fest was started in 2007, to address the multiple challenges faced by students in the corporate world. Since then business related events have been conducted which enhances the students’ inter personal skills and realize their potential to compete with various colleges with a healthy spirit. In times of crisis, different people react in different ways. Some might try to escape while others might attempt to batten down the natches and ride out the storm in a safe heaven. We should look for an opportunity in every crisis. This year AKANKSHA Students Association presents ENVISION 2018 on the theme Cisis Management -seize the opportunity...

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