Scouts and Guides


Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women Ranger Unit, Bangalore North, Bangalore, Karnataka.


Robert Baden Powell “IMPEESA” The Wolf that never sleeps, the founder, born in London on 22nd February 1857, founded the Boy Scout Movement in 1908. In 1910, Baden Powell retired from an army career to devote himself to scouting and the beginning of girl guiding. Olave, wife of Baden Powell actively involved herself in the Guide and Scout Movement.


Guiding is universally recognized as one of the world’s largest youth movement. Today over 8 million members belong to Guide Movement. The purpose of all guide training is to help girls towards a full and rightly oriented adult life and rangering stands by virtue of the part it plays in this.

Ranger Section is a Senior Section in Guide Movement. Lord Baden Powell, the founder of the movement named this section as Ranger.


Guiding is training in citizenship through healthy and happy activities that interests young women and develops their ingenuity and resourcefulness. Training opportunities are provided for them to think for themselves and for others and also promote their physical and mental development.

It meets the needs of young women to adjust easily to the challenges for present day life and it contributes to the challenges for present day life and it contributes to the positive development of the society in which they live. The Ranger age is from 16 to 25 years.

The Ranger Programme enables young women to -

·       Make guiding a way of life.

·       Become an active and participating citizen.

·       Improve skills, vocational and otherwise to be self dependent and useful to others.

·     Emerge as a practical person who has respect for herself and for others and their experiences.

·     Realize that she has a responsibility in the development of her community and undertake Community Development          projects, individually and collectively.

·     Lead a refined religious life in service of man and God.

·     Select a right partner for life of full understanding and adjustment and lead a harmonious life.

·     Do her best to protect public property.

·     Prepare herself to do her duty to country and develop love for universal sisterhood,i.e, peace and goodwill among             human beings.

·     Develop a positive attitude to undertake considerable risk for others, making the full use of her rangering skills.

·     Work for the up keep of our national heritage and culture with love for human values.

·    Promote and participate in developmental activities pertaining to national priorities like national integration, population education, conservation, adult literacy and sanitation.

·     Become a strategic leader who loves to grow with the group.

·     Have fair understanding of the world affairs in general and complete the period for probation as decided by the team or    the council.