Vision and Strategy

Over the past ten years MLACW has advanced dramatically and has become one of the India’s leading colleges for both education and research. Looking ahead at a world that depends on being better connected; MLACW already has the advantage of having disciplines that connect across different cultures, subjects, institutions and geographies. Not least of the advantages of MLACW is the location at the centre of Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA, a truly international city with close connections to knowledge and influence that enrich college life in realistic and inspiring ways.

The institution aims to maximize the benefits of research by advancing fundamental knowledge and contributing to better public policy, improved health outcomes, economic prosperity, social cohesion,international development, community identity, the arts, culture and the quality of life. The scale of research activity at MLACW is substantial, including more than 25 departments, the MLACW libraries, the museums and much more.


MLACW's largest and most important competitive research funding agencies over the past five years have been the University Grants Commission and Department of Biotechnology, GoI. The support of, and the institution’s partnership with, all the funding agencies and investors in research at MLACW is greatly appreciated. MLACW has been awarded the best Bioinformatics centre (DBT-BIF centre; Fourth in college’s category) a DBT-Incentive award for the impact made to the world by its publications. The institution seeks to recruit and retain researchers of the highest distinction and potential and the goal is to become one of the top 20 colleges for research in INDIA.



To build an institutional culture that promotes research in cross cutting issues for the benefit of human kind.



  • ·       To encourages multidisciplinary research and education in commerce, social sciences, basic sciences and applied areas of sciences.

  • ·       To advance research capabilities of MLACW by engaging faculty in research that integrates the education of a diverse population of students especially;the first generation learners and the underprivileged.

  • ·       To encourage and support socially relevant and need based research with focus on building human values.

  • ·       To provide a rich intellectual environment for collaborative research among faculty and students from different departments.

  • ·       To establish collaborations and outreach that align with the vision of MLACW.