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Department of Economics


Our vision is to prepare the student’s ability to think critically and develop their independent analysis to live their lives with responsibility, leadership and service. 


We will collaboratively achieve our vision through innovative learning experiences, impactful research and community engagement.

The Department of Economics began its journey in 1972 with History, Economics, Political Science (HEP) and History, Economics,  Sociology (HES) combinations.

The objectives of the Department are:

1. To acquaint students with contemporary economic problems and quip them to devise appropriate solutions for enabling socio-economic progress. 

2. To encourage participation in the task of economic reconstruction.

Activities of the Department:

  1. Workshop on Demonetization by Prof. M.M. Gupta on 19.01.2017
  2. Guest Lecture on Impact of Economic Reforms in the Last Decade by Dr. Jayalakshmi Sreedhar, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Govt. First Grade College, Bengaluru on 28.07.2017
  3. Visit to Punjab National Bank, Sadashivanagar, to enable a better understanding of Banking Principles on 17.01.2018
  4. Guest Lecture on HRM Practices by Dr. Jayalakshmi Sreedhar, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Govt. First Grade College, Bengaluru on 02.03.2018
  5. Guest Lecture on India: Future Challenges; Vision 2020 by Dr. Thara Bai, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Smt. VHD Central Institute of Home Science, Bengaluru on 06.03.2019
  6. Guest Lecture on India: Then and Now by Dr. Sudha B V, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Govt. College of Arts and Management,  Bengaluru on 14.08.2019
  7. Industrial visit to Steer India Ltd., Peenya, Bengaluru on 21.10.2019
  8. Guest Lecture on Impact of Public Economics in the Modern Dynamic Economy by Dr. Kempegowda, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Govt. First Grade College, Doddaballapur, Bengaluru on 18.02.2020
  9. Guest Lecture on Depreciation of Indian Rupee in terms of U.S. Dollar by Dr. Sudha B V, Associate Professor, Department of Economics, R.C. College of Management, Bengaluru on 02.03.2020


Title Year Download
BA HES (2016-18) 03 Jul, 2016 Download
BA.HEP (2016-2019) 01 Jun, 2016 Download
B.A HEP (2019-2021) 03 Jul, 2019 Download
B.A HES (2019-2021) 03 Jul, 2019 Download

Course Outcome


SEMESTER 1 - Microeconomics Paper 1 CO1.1:  Acquire knowledge of principles and theories of Microeconomics.

CO1.2: Develop a strong foundation for a deeper study of the subject.

CO1.3: Understand the fundamental concepts such as- demand and supply etc.


Semester II- Macroeconomics Paper II


CO2.1: Apply the basic principles of Macro Economics.

CO2.2:  Understand and apply analytica reasoning and presentation skills

CO2.3:  Enlightened on the ever-changing economic situation within the country and globally.


SEMESTER 3 Monetary Economics- Paper 3 

CO3.1: Understand Monetary economics as it progresses era from primitive society to modern

CO3.2: Comprehend the role and responsibility of Banking and other financial sectors.


SEMESTER 4 Public Economics-Paper 4

CO4.1:  Understand the basics of Public Economics and its importance to the modern world.

CO4.2: Elucidate the role, functions of tax, expenditure and debt.


SEMESTER 5 Indian Economy- Paper 5

CO5.1: Understand the wide picture of Indian Economy

CO5.2:  Grasp the basics to acquire knowledge of Indian economy and its problems

Development Economics- Paper 6 CO6.1:   Understand the domestic and international policies pertaining to economic Growth.

 CO6.2: Grasp the modern concepts on growth and policies.


SEMESTER 6- Karnataka Economy- Paper 7  

CO7.1: Understand the economic structure of Karnataka

CO7.2: Comprehend the leading issues in Karnataka economic development


International Economics- Paper 8 CO8.1: Equip themselves with tools to tackle the real world issues in the age of globalization and financial integration.

CO8.2: Understand the multi-faceted International trade policies which play an important role in the economics of developed, under-developed and developing countries.


Our Faculty

Sandhya Suri

Head of Department

Vijay Duggappa

Assistant Professor

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