We have witnessed unprecedented changes and paradigm shifts in the education
sector and employability in the last two and a half years. At the same time, we also
have some good news that followed the pandemic for job seekers, especially
graduates. The great resignation and the following tactics used by corporates show
how well the job sector is tilting towards talented graduates.

Let's understand how you can overcome the difficulties posed by the pandemic of
securing a job.

What should students do?
Jobs have been the utmost priority in our society. A permanent 5-6 job is seen as a
symbol of pride and social belonging.
Here are some key pointers to help you effectively overcome the difficulties and
challenges of the current market scenario;

1. Keep learning
Graduation is not the end point of your education. Always make a habit of reading
and researching to gain fresh inputs and to open new avenues in your chosen career
path. Since your vocation is where you will spend most of your time, be choosy in
finding the one that fascinates and drives your interest.

2. Know your industry
Before embarking on a career path, get acquainted with the overall setting of the job
sector and working environment. Doing this is critical because you can prepare for
the challenges and demanding prerequisites to guide you in the right direction.

3. Upskill and enrich your knowledge
Several online course providers like Udemy, MOOCS, etc. have a massive collection
of various programs you can use to your advantage. You can also invest your time
reskilling your knowledge. One way to do it is by attending online webinars. Also, if
you think you lack writing skills, start a blog and start writing and express the ideas
that you are passionate about through blogs. This is ideal for graduates who wish to
sharpen their communication and interpersonal skills. Blog writing can be an income
generator if you do it right by keeping it engaging and highly informative. You can
add this in-demand skill to your portfolio as good writers are welcome everywhere.

4. Showcase your online working skills
Working from home is an exciting option that allows graduates to have a flexible and
uninterrupted career path. Graduates with the ability to adapt to a distributed
workforce will succeed in the future as it allows them to work in tandem with
colleagues living in different time zones. From an organization's point of view, having
a workforce capable of delivering desired output without exhausting much of its
resources is always an asset.

5. Find the right mentor
A mentor-mentee relationship is the best thing that can happen to a fresher.
Mandatory internships and industry exposure are the best ways to explore real-world
work culture and gain a mentor. The expertise of a mentor will help job seekers
attain a broader understanding of their field and show the right direction by quilling
confusion and indecision.

6. Get an advanced degree
If you think the current job market is not the perfect time to start a career, consider
continuing your education to gain deep knowledge. Once you clear the advanced
degree, the situation could be more favourable with fewer competitors and better
world order.

7. Be active online
Online space is where things happen, and you are informed about the advancements
in academic and recruitment trends. Make sure you spend time online to connect
with recruiters and showcase your skill sets on various communities and job sites.
Get the attention of your prospective employer on LinkedIn by showing what you
know and what you are capable of. It makes their job easier as they will always be on
the lookout for strengthening their workforce.

If you don't give up, nothing is stopping you from succeeding.
Good Luck!