MLACW (now mLAC) is an institution of excellence located strategically in the vicinity of national institutes of repute, such as Indian Institute of Science, Institute of Wood Science & Technology, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Raman Research Institute and Central Power Research Institute.

  • 3 years
  • 6 Semesters
  • Science

This is a worthwhile program for those who are passionate about subjects like history and economics. Add to that the subject of economics and you have a very valuable combination that can fetch you the most suitable of jobs or you may go for higher education in a related field. By undertaking this course you get to become aware of the social happenings in the country along with matters on economics. Learning history will help add up to your knowledge about past incidents and events that have shaped our country and the society that we live in today. All the three subjects are interesting in nature and will lead you to graduate with good marks.



Sociology, Kannada, Journalism

Cognate Subjects

Sociology, Kannada, Journalism


Affiliated to Bengaluru Central University


Sociology, Kannada, Journalism

Career Prospects

Students with a bachelor's degree in Sociology often secure employment opportunities as listed below:

  • Teaching in primary or high schools, PU and Degree Colleges
  • Center and state Public Services.
  • Work as research scholar in various departments
  • In Archeology department social welfare offices
  • In NGOs
  • In women and Child Welfare Departments
  • In tribal Welfare Department.
  • In Social Work Department

Rural and Child Welfare

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Advertising Agencies

Management Consultancy


Schools/ Colleges/ Universities

Government and Political Action Groups

Journalism & Media

Media Research


Medical Aid Institutions

Public Sector Undertaking (PSUs)

Education and Child Welfare

Program Specific Outcome

PSO1. Engage in service to society as responsible citizens

PSO2. Gain awareness on local, national and international issues

PSO3. Interpret the current economic and social challenges facing the country

PSO4. Apply ethical principles in the practice of all aspects of journalism

PSO5. Understand all aspects of human social behaviour and the social dynamics of small groups, large organizations, institutions, communities, and society

PSO6. Analyze and interpret socio-cultural issues and report in the regional language – Kannada

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BA SKJ (2016-18) 03 Jul, 2016 Download
BA SKJ (2019-2021) 03 Jul, 2019 Download
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