Tree beside my house has started shedding the leaves and within a few days I noticed that there were no leaves and the tree looked barren but was extraordinarily strong and well rooted…Nothing was charming and  interesting, and the days were headed normally…

It was that day I saw something amazing in that barren tree which has took a turn to fill herself with very tiny, tender green leaves all-round…So this put a big smile on my face and believe me I was much trilled to look at the beautiful phenomenon.

Thus, every morning I go out to meticulously look at every change in the tree....It was such a mesmerizing view to see those different shades of green colored leaves throughout the tree.

Bees and butterflies are already visiting to suck the nectar of the spring flowers. The blissful cool breeze in the evening as soon the sun sets is rejuvenating and an unheard voice buzzing in my ears saying new hope, new life and new beginning is right here...

This wakes me up and inspires me to think that nothing is permanent and there is a pattern everywhere... Nature fallows the pattern, months have a pattern, season has a pattern and even the ECG has a pattern of its kind….

Likewise, life too will follow the pattern of ups and down, so always have a hope and patience to see the beautiful new goodies which is waiting in the corner just for you ... so stay strong and rooted to embark the beautiful life ahead

Happy Spring!!

-Latha Bhaskar

Counsellor, mLACW