MLACW (now mLAC) is an institution of excellence located strategically in the vicinity of national institutes of repute, such as Indian Institute of Science, Institute of Wood Science & Technology, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Raman Research Institute and Central Power Research Institute.


The future belongs to the differently thinking in relentless pursuit of an aggressive vision. We are truly bullish on the next stage of our growth journey. And why not? We have earned our stripes on our sheer mettle, earned over a span of over 4 decades.

Among the innumerable accolades, the one that we cherish most is autonomy. Autonomy is a reward that reflects the faith in our abilities and the trust reposed in us as an institution that can shape its destiny and that of the thousands of our students.

Being empowered as an autonomous institution, we now have the freedom to pursue our multiple goals and initiatives. These include:

Enhanced interaction with industry: We believe our academic system should be to deliver learning that can solve the world’s problems. This can become possible when we are in step with the industry and academia elsewhere. We will create opportunities for greater interaction of our students and staff with reputed organizations.

Thought leadership: We believe knowledge is the most crucial asset for a learning organization. We wish to leverage and effect significant sharing of diverse perspectives through various forums. Towards this end, several members of faculty present papers and attend academic events in India and abroad.

More internships and placement: Our students will have a better view of the industry through internships. They are able to appreciate the practical aspects in their learning process. Such interactive opportunities will improve their employability.

Customize content: As an autonomous institution, we will have the power of flexibility to fine tune course content and add new content, so that it becomes more relevant to the industry.

Design collaborative research programs: We will work actively with industry across a wide range of domains by making optimal use of our resources.

Additional training for staff: We will invest in constant training of our most important resource: people. They will be regularly updated on skills, pedagogy and organizational behavior.

mLAC is proud to be pursuing a vision and working towards getting there. On the core factors of teaching, global outlook, research and industry interaction, we have set ourselves ambitious targets on measurable outcomes. When we are able to realize this jump, our students are better prepared for challenging opportunities and higher rewards. More importantly, we as an institution, are better prepared to address societal issues and problems that demand intense research. This is the true transformation we are aiming for.

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