MLACW (now mLAC) is an institution of excellence located strategically in the vicinity of national institutes of repute, such as Indian Institute of Science, Institute of Wood Science & Technology, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Raman Research Institute and Central Power Research Institute.









Note: ONE copy of the proposal comprising Part A and Part B to be submitted to the Office, Research & Development, Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College For Women, Bengaluru and as an online mode ([email protected]) duly signed by HEAD of the department.


Name of the Investigator: _____________________________________

   Position _____________________________________

   Department: _____________________________________

   Qualification : _____________________________________

   Date of Joining mLAC:

   Total Teaching Experience   :

   Research Experience (if any): _________________________

2. Name of the Co-Investigator: __________________________________

   (Preference given if it’s from other Intra departments/Intra disciplinary

    Position _____________________________________

    Department: _____________________________________

    Qualification : _____________________________________

    Date of Joining mLAC: _____________________________________


Project Proposal (Comprising Title, Introduction, Review of Existing Literature, Objectives, Methodology, expected outcome, Justification for funding, Tentative Chapterization, Bibliography to be attached separately)  

 (Not more than 5 pages)

 Estimated Expenditure

Items of Expenditure

           Estimated Amount

                  Amount approved

                by the Screening                        Committee

      (Filled by the authorities)




1. Equipment, if required:




1. Fieldwork and travel:


2. Chemicals and glassware

(wherever applicable):


3. Contingency:


4. Special Needs



Rules and Regulations:

For the needs of teachers and their support, the commission will provide financial assistance for items like books and journals, equipment, contingency, hiring services, chemical and consumables, fieldwork, and travels.

 The allowable grants to the university teachers are subdivided into two categories

·         Non – Recurring Grants

·         Recurring Grants

 These grants are the fixed expenses of mLAC teachers.

 Non-Recurring Grants:

These are the expenses that are required by the teachers on daily basis and the grants can also be repeated again and again.

 Following are the Non-Recurring Grants allowed by the commission

 1. Equipment, Books & Journals –

 For proposed research work, it's essential to have the equipment, books, and grants are provided to obtain these necessary journals, books and equipment.

 If there is any necessity of increment in the cost of approved equipment that will be only met out of saving/re-appropriation from the Non-recurring head which will be approved by Principal/Registrar of the college/University under intimation to the commission.

After the completion of the Project, the books & journals and equipment should be submitted to University/College/Institution or in the departmental library or in central library.

There is no provision of a non-recurring grant for mLAC teachers.

 Recurring Grants

1. Contingency –

Grants which claimed under the contingency maybe –

Photostat copies and microfilms, Spare for apparatus, Expenditure on advertisement for the post of Project Fellow, Stationary, Telephone Calls, Internet, Fax, Postage, Computation, and printing needed for the project.

2. Chemical and Consumables –

Grants are provided for glassware, chemicals, and for other consumable items in the various Research Laboratories.

3. Special Needs –

Any other special requirements related to the project will be assisted which is not covered under any other ‘Head’ of assistance under the scheme.

4. Travel and Field Work –

·         The allocated amount for travel and fieldwork is to be utilized for the collection of documents, data, visit libraries for the ongoing project, etc.

·         This amount should not be used for attending the seminars, workshops, conferences, and any training course.

·         The PI’s may travel by any of the transport modes if they permitted for the same in their parent Organisation/Institutions restricted to the allocation under the concerned head.

·         As per the rules of mLAC, they may also avail special casual leave/duty for fieldwork or collect any data.

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