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mLAC faculties celebrate Golden Jubliee Year as a special year to reach heights. mLAC faculties have reached now the highest number of papers and books in a single year for mLAC history.

Prominent Publishers

Publication in Journals

Dr. Sushil Kumar Middha (4), Ms. Usha T (2), Dr. Renuka Srhari (2), Mr. Sharavan Kumar (2), Dr.Shashikala A (1), Mr. Akshay (1), Dr. Reema Kumari (1), (Dr) Sharmistha Dutta (1)

UGC CARE & Peer Reviewed Journals

Dr. Abhinandan (2), Ms. Manjaula Shaker (1), Ms. Rajeswari (1)

Publications in Books and Book Chapter

Dr. Sushil Kumar Middha (3), Ms. Usha T (3), Mr. Akshay (2), Dr. Kamala A (1), Dr. Annadanesh H (1), Dr. Rama (1), Dr. Ramanada (1)

Conference Proceedings

Ft Lt Harish (1)