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Master of Science Botany

Botany is one of the core subjects of Biological Sciences. The subject has also been the forefather of many applied subjects. Plants are of paramount…


Botany is one of the core subjects of Biological Sciences. The subject has also been the forefather of many applied subjects. Plants are of paramount importance to human being all through the life as food, medicine, shelter, tools, environment sustenance etc. The M.Sc. Botany program combines academic and practical components, such as laboratory work and workshops, and encourages students to do research in this field. It is a scientific means of study that includes the study of the morphology, anatomical structures, properties, and biochemical processes of all forms of plant life, including plant classification, plant diseases, and the interactions of plants with their physical environment.


The eligibility conditions which the aspirants need to fulfill are as follows:

  • Candidate have to complete graduation in B.Sc  with Life Science subjects Botany as core subject.  
  • A minimum of 55% marks is needed to be qualified in some recognized university or institution's graduation exam.
  • Candidates who are currently appearing for the qualifying exam are also eligible to apply for M.Sc. in Botany. In such a case, they have to clear it before the finalization of the admission process.




Cognate Subjects
Affiliated to Bangalore Central University

Career Prospects

On successful completion of M.Sc. Botany, candidates are recruited in the field of Botany as botanist, ecologist, plant pathologist, taxonomist etc. They can also pursue research in various national research institutes like Botanical Survey of India, Forest Research Institute, Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, National Botanical Research Institute etc. The students are prepared to face National level exams like CSIR-NET, JRF etc., to qualify for research as well for teaching profession. The subject also kindle them to become an entrepreneur.


Botany integrates a number of disciplines. The subject offers an opportunity in the field of Agriculture, Environment Conservation, Health Care, Medicine and Industrial Botany Research and Development

Program Outcome

  1. Under the complexity and essentiality of plants and its implication for sustenance of life.
  2. Develop cognitive skills for the subject that enables futuristic approach and for the growth of the nation.
  3. Ability to apply the knowledge to develop the sustainable and eco-friendly technology in Industrial Botany.
  4. Demonstrate a meticulous scientific approach in finding solution to various environmental issues.


Title Year Download
MSc Botany Syllabus 25 Jan, 2024 Download
  • Duration2 years
  • Semesters4
  • StreamScience
  • TypePostgraduate
  • Course CodeBOT
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