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Master of Science Analytical Chemistry

Analytical Chemistry provides a comprehensive understanding of principles, techniques, and applications in fields like pharmaceuticals, environmental…


Analytical Chemistry provides a comprehensive understanding of principles, techniques, and applications in fields like pharmaceuticals, environmental sciences, forensic sciences, and materials science. The objectives of this program are to provide students with an advanced knowledge of areas of analytical chemistry. The course is designed to gain strong knowledge in Chemistry with practical applications of theory leading to research in Analytical Chemistry and interdisciplinary projects related to Chemistry. Students learn various techniques such as spectroscopy, chromatography, mass spectrometry, electrochemical analysis, and thermal analysis. Detailed coverage of gas chromatography, liquid chromatography, and electrophoresis, including column selection and optimization. Focuses on principles and methods for accurate quantitative analysis, including calibration, standard addition, and statistical analysis.


The eligibility conditions which the aspirants need to fulfill are as follows:

  • Candidates have to complete graduation with B.Sc. in Chemistry and study Mathematics at 10+2 or pre-university level.
  • A minimum of 55% marks is needed to be qualified in some recognized university or institution's graduation exam. 
  • Candidates who are currently appearing for the qualifying exam are also eligible to apply for M.Sc in Analytical chemistry. In such a case, they have to clear it before the finalization of the admission process.
Cognate Subjects
Analytical Chemistry
Bengaluru Central University

Career Prospects

On successfully completing a M.Sc. in Analytical Chemistry, graduates become valuable assets in the realm of Chemistry. Their pivotal roles in ensuring quality control, driving research and development, and facilitating forensic analysis make them prime candidates in the competitive job market. Beyond this, they embark on exciting journeys, discovering opportunities in pharmaceuticals, environmental agencies, food and beverage industries, and esteemed research institutions. Equipped with this degree, students are well-prepared to tackle national-level examinations such as CSIR-NET and JRF, paving their path for both research and teaching careers. Furthermore, the subject ignites entrepreneurial spirits, encouraging them to venture into the world of innovation and enterprise.


Analytical Chemistry encompasses a variety of fields and is in high demand among numerous industries and sectors. The subsequent list highlights the extensive applications of analytical chemistry techniques:

  • Scientific Analyst (Chemist) in Research and Development and Quality Control.
  • In various Industries like Polymer, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizers, Textile, paints varnishes, and distilleries.
  • Academician
  • Food Scientist
  • Forensic analyst
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Material Scientist
  • Pharmacologist

Program Outcome

Program Specific Outcome

PSO1: Develop proficiency in remembering and understanding various concepts and principles in chemistry.

PSO2: Apply their understanding in chemistry to devise solutions for unfamiliar challenges within the field of chemistry and issues that encompass other interconnected disciplines.

PSO3: Ability to identify, design and conduct suitable experiments, interpret data obtained, draw pertinent conclusions and communicate all these findings effectively.

PSO4: Graduates will exhibit advanced critical thinking and problem-solving abilities, enabling them to tackle complex analytical challenges creatively in addressing societal issues and strive to make a positive impact through research contributions.


Title Year Download
MSc Analytical Chemistry Syllabus 25 Jan, 2024 Download
  • Duration2 years
  • Semesters4
  • StreamScience
  • TypePostgraduate
  • Course CodeCHE
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