MLACW (now mLAC) is an institution of excellence located strategically in the vicinity of national institutes of repute, such as Indian Institute of Science, Institute of Wood Science & Technology, National Institute of Advanced Studies, Raman Research Institute and Central Power Research Institute.

1.     Counselling centre

The counselling centre has been established to offer counselling services to students and staff. With the increasing complexity of life and the breakdown of the joint family system,the youth has been experiencing tremendous emotional disturbances. This has affected their social behaviors and also their academic performance. A qualified counselor manages this centre to address relevant issues of staff and students and enables them to deal effectively with the pressures and complexities of daily life. The objectives of the counselling centre are:

  • · To facilitate students deal with emotional problems.

  • · To provide opportunities for expressing themselves freely.

  • · To help students manage peer pressure.

  • · To equip students with skills to manage challenges.

  • · To develop self-confidence and sense of self-worth.

  • · To make available adequate avenues for self-expression.

  • · To help create and maintain good inter-personal relationships.

  • · To enable students establish healthy work life balance.

  • · To facilitate students to function in a proactive environment.

Counselor: Dr. Asha Sidd

2.     Health Centre

The institution has an in-house first aid centre with a full-time qualified nurse to provide emergency medical aid to staff and students. A Memorandum of Understanding, with RMV hospital, has been signed, for in-patient, out-patient and emergency care facility. RMV hospital also supports the ambulance requirement of the college.

3. Anti-ragging cell

Committee members


Dr. Sushma Bavle Principal and Coordinator

Ms. Amsaveni

Lt. Bhavya Banu

Ms. Mamatha (Sports)


4.   Cell for prevention of sexual harassment


Dr. Sushma Bavle Principal and Coordinator

Prof. Balasubhramaniam, Dept of Pol.Sc

Ms. Aruna, Dept of Zoology

Ms. Divya (External)

Ms. Vani, Dept of Biovhemistry

Ms. Bharathi Office


  1. Grievance redressal cell


Dr. Sushma Bavle Principal and Coordinator

Ms. Sharmistha Dutta

Dr. Shashikala.A.

Ms. Amsaveni

Ms. Mercy Vinod


  1. Women Development Centre

Women Development Centre at mLAC works towards empowerment of young women in various forte. It has conducted various activities namely skill development programs (fabric painting, candle making, jewellery, baking classes) awareness programs (walkhathon, poster displays), self defence techniques by martial art experts,  talks on women health and hygiene by doctors,  prevention of sexual harassment by legal experts , motivational talks by woman achievers and so on. WDC has provided an able platform to prepare students to excel through self-confidence and self discovery leading to professional and personal development.


Ms. Aruna H.K. Coordinator Dept of Zoology

Ms. Jyothsna Dept of Management Studies.

Dr. Gowri Neelima Dept of Biotechnology

Ms. Hemavathi Dept of Biotechnology

Ms. Nethravathy K, Dept of Computer Science

Ms. Saraswathi Dept of Sociology

Ms. Meghashilpa R. Dept of Commerce

  1. E Cell



    ·       E-Cell mLAC- Student Self Help Group Initiative is an E-Cell Association, based on the SHG concept of women empowerment and capacity building for students', inaugurated on 14th August 2019. It facilitates students to improve and build on their skill sets and utilize the same for income generation. It also concentrates on involvement of students towards contributing for the advancement of the society. Presently the E-Cell association consists of around 250 student members.


    ·       On 3rd October 2019 E-Cell student members were a part of Silk Thread Jewellery making workshop conducted by the resource person Ms. Komal J Singh. Investiture ceremony and oath taking ceremony for the E-Cell student members was conducted.


    ·       On 5thOctober 2019 and followed by it, we had organized a session by Mr. Dhiraj Sharma to educate and create awareness among the students on Segregation of Dry waste and Wet waste.


    ·       Ms. Roopa Sukumaran with us to train students on making of Terracotta Jewellery on 13thOctober 2019. ‘Generation of income by transforming waste into reusable products’ having this concept in focus we had invited Ms. Komal J Singh to train our students in making of paper bags and cloth bags.


    ·       E-Cell mLAC Students Self-Help Group Initiative had organized an Activity on Gardening on 18th January 2020. It was an honour and privilege to have invited Dr. M. Reema Kumari as the resource person for the event. The event focused on creating an awareness regarding the promotion and growth of Green environment. Stalls having variety of seeds, saplings and plants were put up for sale and also for adoption. Special care was taken regarding planting the different saplings in the college premises as a part of plants adoption programme. Response received from teaching staff, non teaching staff and student members was overwhelming.


    ·       Self Defence techniques event was organized by E-Cell in association with Women Development Centre (WDC) on 1st February 2020 at mLAC Quadrangle, to empower our students and make them learn self defence for their own safety and survival. The esteemed resource persons for the event were Mr. Karthik S. Kateel and Mrs. Shobha Latha from Swaraksha for Women Trust (R). The event was themed ‘National Girl Child Day’, with the purpose of spreading awareness among people about all the inequalities girls face in the Indian society and promote girl child development. Mr. Karthik educated the students on being aware of the things happening around them because his studies on crime showed that criminals had often chosen those targets, who were unaware of their surroundings and also not knowing what is going on around them. He also gave a practical demonstration of his five special copyrighted Self-Defence techniques. The crowd gathered was left with the quote that “Self-Defence is not just a set of techniques; it’s just a state of mind and it begins with the belief that you are worth defending”.

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