Admissions: 9141064928 (Ms Hithyshini) / 9141064927 (Ms Lavanya P)

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A Genome-guided investigation of Essential Metabolite Biosynthetic Pathways in Pomegaranate (Punica granatum) peel and seeds


Pomegranate is a valuable crop and known for its therapeutic values. Our lab has already investigated pomegranate peel’s anti-diabetic properties in-vivo and anti-cancerous properties in-silico. We propose to sequence the whole pomegranate genome, which will be first of its kind. 


Significance of this project:

The purpose of this project is to -

  • Whole genome sequence of pomegranate with comprehensive functional, annotations under multi-levels (such as gene, protein function and protein structure),
  • Comparative analyses between non model pomegranate and model plants using different algorithms,
  • Composed sequences; protein-protein interaction and pathway analysis
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